Maintenance On-Call


Commom Areas Cleaning


Controled Access


Equipped Kitchens


Social Room w/ TV


24h Laundry Station


No Animals


Visitors Allowed


Basic WiFi Free


No Smoking


Best Location


Super Well Connected



Check our FAQ and  CONTRACT  | For further questions or inquiries do not hesitate to contact us!

How can I book?

‘Easy peasy’ just:

1. Read this FAQ and  CONTRACT  to understand all conditions

2. Browse through our website and select your preferences

3. If you wish/can schedule a visit

4. To book just send an e-mail stating the room number + your information (check CONTRACT )

5. Make the booking deposit – identify it w/room number – to the IBAN/BIC provided (check CONTRACT )

6. Schedule your check-in (week days 9am – 6 pm) / contact us if you can’t make it!!!

7. Arrive, sign the contract, check your room and receive the keys



What information will I have to provide?

The usual basic information: full name, home address, identification number and validity, e-mail, phone number (if/when you have a portuguese one also), an emergency contact (name, contact), etc (check our CONTRACT)…

Check In/Out - How To!

Check ins and check outs need prior scheduling!

This is to sign the CONTRACT and check your room conditions plus deliver what is needed (keys, etc.)!

Entries/Exits happen on weekdays between 9am and 6pm, other options are subject to our availability!


  • deliver the room has it was initially given to you = CLEAN (check drawers and below the bed too)
  • if you requested and paid for a bed and towel set you don’t need to wash it in the end but you need to return it complete and in “good health” = usable
  • return the key set complete

Damages, missing stuff or ‘filthiness’  will be liable for a deposit deduction!

If unable to be present at checkout we will later on check your room and send proof of charges (photos) if applicable.

What’s a typical flat like?

We have 4 room (1ºE + 2ºE + 3ºE) and 6 room apartments (R/c E + 3ºD).  We provide the basics you need to live here: furniture, electricity and water (monthly allowance check  CONTRACT), fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms per flat. We provide a minimum Wi-Fi and a self-service coin fed laundry station.

What’s included/excluded?

Your rent includes:

  • furnished room 
  • equipped common areas (kitchen / toilets)
  • access keys (room + flat + building)
  • monthly expense allowance (water + electricity)
  • free basic wifi (unfortunately variable and we do not accept any liability for it)
  • weekly cleaning of the common areas
  • maintenance services (subject to availability)
  • support in person from the team (minimum 1 day per week) or on-call
  • social room equipped with cable TV
  • access to the 24h laundry station


  • laundry station is coin fed
  • use of unprovided equipment (heaters, etc )
  • overnight guests

Check fees CONTRACT !


What’s the ‘expense allowance?

Every tenant has a monthly allowance for water and electricity expenses determined to include a comfortable normal usage. If the apartment exceeds that allowance it will be charged per person the difference. The allowance determines a regular use but, for instance, it does not account the use of heaters or cooling systems, a personal fridge in the room or other equipment alike. A “performance/cost” electricity and water usage will be monthly posted and the meter can be checked at any time by any tenant at the entrance (check allowance in  CONTRACT).

Is there a laundry machine per flat?

No, there’s a coin fed laundry station available 24/24 hours in the basement (check fees on  CONTRACT).

What about Internet?

LxPod building has wireless internet available at all premises, subject to the suppliers’ broadband availability, we are no liable for variation or defaults on the supply of this commodity (check our CONTRACT).

What are my payment options?

All rent payments must be made by bank transference or direct deposit using the following bank details available on your monthly invoice:

Magellimo Lda

Bank: MilleniumBCP  

IBAN: PT50-0033-0000-45471254541-05  


What’s the booking deposit and is it refundable?

The booking deposit equals 1 month of rent value, it is a refundable fee (returned within the 30 days after contract termination) subjected to accommodation inspection. This fee secures your booking and guarantees you will leave your room in the conditions it was delivered to you!


What happens to my deposit if I cancel?

In case of late cancellation (less than 1 month to check in) or ‘no show’ you will not be refunded, check our   CONTRACT  for the full cancellation and refund policy.

Can I extend/shorten my contract?

All contracts can be changed (shortened or extended) if a warning is given within the contractual established time and according to availability, check our  CONTRACT.


How is the kitchen equipped?

All apartments have equipped kitchens: fridge, freezer, microwave, induction hob and the basic cutlery and pans/pots. Take note that there aren’t any ovens! Other extra equipment maybe present (toaster, water boiler, etc) but it depends on the use of the latest tenants since we only reequip the kitchens once a year (usually September).


Are there any en-suite bathrooms?

No, all apartments have 3 shared bathrooms with showers or, the smaller apartments, 2 bathrooms with showers and an extra wc with a single toilet.


Can I personalize or add features to my room?

We are flexible within reason to this matter, mostly as long as you don’t punch holes in the wall or permanently damage the property you can add or post on the wall so you feel more at home!

Who is responsible for cleaning?

We provide once per week basic cleaning services for the common areas (CORRIDORS/KITCHENS/BATHROOMS/STAIRCASES) and expect the tenants to take care of their own ROOMS and to maintain the GENERAL CONDITIONS (taking out the trash, dish washing, keeping things tidy and neat). Extra cleaning services can be provided by an agreed fee directly with the cleaning staff. Take notice this is an historical neighborhood with tight streets, the city garbage service pick-up is ‘door-to-door’ meaning it only happens in certain days:

Monday>Saturday – Organic

Tuesday+Sunday – Plastic

Wednesday – Glass

Thursday – Paper

Can I bring a visit or have a guest to stay?

A visitor is someone that is allowed access by a tenant but does not stay overnight or uses the accommodation resources (equipment, showers, etc).

We do not supervise visitors and you are free to bring whomever you want, as long as you respect your fellow flatmates and the general rules (noise, etc).

A guest is someone who is visiting and staying overnight using its resources.

Most rooms only have single beds for a reason, your main bills are included and as such you’re not expected to entertain guests overnight unless you are staying in a double bedroom. If you want to have someone in your room please contact us and pay the reasonable guest fee per night. We are flexible to the point we are not damaged by your behavior in general, with this we mean if the apartment bills sky rocket all the flat will be accounted for that extra expense, be it from guests, heaters, or other stuff…

For more on this matter check our  CONTRACT !

Where can I collect my post?

We will leave it at your flat, on your room door or downstairs at a general deposit depending on size/urgency and our availability!

Is there a TV?

LxPod has a shared social room with a TV that has a usb port and is connected to a national cable provider.

Do you have on site staff?

Yes, maintenance and “welcome” staff are available at specific times, announced at the buildings entrance billboard.

What about safety?

We have CCTV video on site and controlled access, it is a very quiet and traditional neighbourhood.

Do you have a landline?

No, there are no landline phones on the flats.


Can I smoke?

NO, you are not allowed to smoke inside your room or on the common areas of the property, only on balconies.  



How far is LXPOD to the city center? Any shops nearby? Transports?

LXPOD is super well located and connected: you’re at walking distance from the ‘sweet spots’ of the city, be it the busy business area, nightlife, riverside or historical sites – Av. Liberdade / Baixa / Chiado / Principe Real/Martim Moniz / Costa do Castelo/ Intendente… We are located on route to 2 major subway lines (blue – Restauradores + Green – Martim Moniz & Rossio) , a variety of buses, trains and even historical trams (28)… you can literally access directly any point of the city and beyond from here. All types of services are in walking distance from the property: pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, post offices etc.


Is there parking available for residents?

No, there isn’t a private car park on site. LxPod is on route to main public transportation so you don’t need a car and we do not advise foreigners to drive here, ‘its complicated’! Nevertheless, our street, although super tiny, is probably the only parking fee free street in the city center and often there are parking spaces but we offer no guarantees.

Is there parking for bikes?

Not at the moment but you’re welcome to leave them inside, in the basement or entrance, at your own risk, please do not block emergency exits.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are not permitted, sorry!